Monday, February 19, 2007

Mac vs. PC

Have you seen the series of Apple Mac commercials, with the two guys posing as a PC and a Mac? I think they're priceless. I have never been a Mac user, but I'm very close these days. Last October I purchased a Sony Vaio laptop after my HP laptop died. The HP had one problem after another, so I decided to buy a computer that's highly rated - the Vaio. Well, it has been a huge disappointment. I have used system restore numerous times to correct problems and even had to restore the factory settings several times. You can probably guess the amount of time it took to reload programs and drivers every time. Several weeks ago I even had to have the system board replaced. You would think that would take care of the problems, but no. Now I have to ship it back to Sony (7 to 10 days for repair plus shipping time) for repair. Take my advice - stay away from a Sony Vaio. When I replace this computer, I'm 99% certain it will be with a Mac.

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TJ said...

I ran across your blog from the article on . The letter to the Courier is priceless, by the way!

I, too will probably go with a mac when I replace my computer, but not because of computer brand - but because of the software running it. I consider myself a geek, and I fix computers for part of my income. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-NVR23 that I purchased in 2002, and am still using it. The weak point of ANY PC is the Windows software running it.

I'm adding you to my bloglines - I've enjoyed what I've read so far.