Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Bones of Jesus?

Considering the overhyped media reaction to this story I thought I would post at least a quick response, to what in my opinion, is not much of a story. By now you've probably heard some of the claims of the forthcoming documentary by James Cameron - six caskets found together in a tomb and among them, possibly the bones of Jesus, Mary Magdelane and their son (I find it very interesting that while DNA tests were performed to show the supposed bones of Jesus and Mary to demonstrate that they were not related, there were no DNA tests done on the bones of their purported child).

This has been a nonissue in the field of archeology for some time. The find itself is more than twenty years old, and the opinion throughout the realm of archeology is that although this is a significant find, the claim that the bones belong to Jesus and his family is not taken seriously. If archeologists really believed this claim, believe me, you would have heard of this before now.

What this story points out is how we view matters related to faith through our own particular world view. My initial reaction to the story - which continues to be my reaction - is to scoff at Cameron's claims because my belief is there are no bones of Jesus to be found. I believe in and affirm the historical Christian belief that Jesus was resurrected and that it was a bodily resurrection. Those who are skeptical or disbelieving of this claim will react to this news accordingly.

Will I watch the documentary on March 4th? I don't know. I may, depending on other plans, but I don't think I'll go to any great lengths to see it. I'm just not that interested in this program.

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