Thursday, June 14, 2007

God: The Evidence - Patrick Glynn

I've been finishing up some books lately, and want to recommend some that I think are well worth your time. Preparing for my current sermon series, Confronting the Skeptics, I put together a stack of books as resources and have been working through them over the past weeks.

God the Evidence: The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason In A Postsecular World by Patrick Glynn covers some of the same ground as the two Alister McGrath books mentioned in my previous post, although he goes in a few different directions. Like McGrath, Glynn is also a former atheist, and he opens his book with a very interesting story of the unraveling of his atheistic faith. Glynn spends time on the anthropic principle, psychology and medicine, and then on to what I found to be the most interesting section of the book - his discussion of Near Death Experiences as evidence of a human soul.

It's a fairly quick read, with some helpful information, and well worth your time. It's not a criticism, but I wouldn't say it's as essential as McGrath's The Twilight of Atheism, but then, not many books are. To me, anyone who has traveled the road from unbelief to belief is worth reading, and on that account alone, Glynn's book is important.

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