Thursday, April 19, 2007

John McCain's Sinking Campaign

Add this to the "really dumb things politicians say" file. reports that when John McCain was asked at a town hall meeting if there is a plan to attack Iran he responded thusly - "You know that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran?" the Republican presidential candidate said. Then, he sang, "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran."

Campaign spokesman Kevin McLaughlin gave this explanation - "The senator was adding levity to the discussion and the crowd reacted with laughter...He went on to discuss the seriousness of (the) issue."

With an obviously sinking presidential campaign, one has to wonder what McCain was thinking when he made this remark. Humor is one thing, but stupidity is another, and in this day and age of disastrous political gaffes one would think McCain would understand how poorly these remarks would play in the public arena. There has already been plenty of speculation about plans by the Bush administration to attack Iran, and as a presidential candidate - and one who could lead us into war with Iran - McCain's words are irresponsible and regrettable. War, and the potential for war, is never a laughing matter. The current mess of our war with Iraq is proof that anyone aspiring to be president should be responsible enough to weigh their words more carefully.

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