Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus

I know everyone in the world is already commenting on the remarks made by Don Imus, but there's always room for one more opinion.

My initial reaction was to question how a public person could make such incredibly stupid remarks. Surely someone in the public eye as long as Don Imus would know better. But there's the rub - it was not accident or oversight. Don Imus knew exactly what he was saying and it was not a slip of the tongue. Doubt that? Just run a Google search on some of the past comments Imus has made on his program and it you will find this is just one more comment in a long string of stupid and offensive remarks made by Imus. Reading over some of those comments made me wonder why he hasn't sparked this much controversy in the past.

MSNBC has cancelled the simulcast of his program. Good for them. Advertisers are bailing out of his show. Good for them. A member of the CBS board of directors has called for Imus' dismissal. Good for him.

Maybe we are finally awakening from our slumber and will begin demanding a change from the pervasive coarseness of our society. If we do, I hope it will be one that is consistent. We should not accept these kinds of comments from anyone, be they shock jocks like Imus, talk-show hosts on the right or left, or comedians who perpetuate stereotypes through their humor.

As for Imus - should he be fired? Why has it taken this long?

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