Saturday, March 29, 2008

What do you call your pastor?

My church is pretty informal, as am I. I use no titles and prefer simply to be called Dave. Once in a while someone will call me Brother Dave (which I don't like) or Reverend Charlton (which I don't like either, but it's better than Brother Dave). From young to old, most everybody just calls me Dave, which is fine with me (although if I do use a title I prefer to use Dr. Charlton - I worked very hard for that title).

There is one name that I detest being called - "Preacher". If you want to refer to my vocation call me a pastor or minister but please - PLEASE - do not call me "Preacher" as though it's my name. I do not call other people by the name "Teacher" "Banker" "Farmer" or any other vocation; I use their name, as I prefer that people do for me. "Preacher" is not my name, so please don't use it as though it is.

Your pastor, or minister, may not mind being called "Preacher." You should, though, ask what is preferred and respect that preference. As for me, please don't call me "Preacher" as though it's my name. Call me Dave; that is my name.

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