Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Quiz

For some holiday entertainment I have a Christmas quiz for you. This is rather tricky, so read the questions carefully. Some of the answers may surprise you, as people have many misconceptions about what the Bible actually says about the birth of Jesus. I'll post the answers in a few days. Good luck, and enjoy!

1. The name of the mother of Jesus is –

A. Eve

B. Martha

C. Mary

D. Deborah

2. Jesus was born in what town?

A. Nazareth

B. Jerusalem

C. Rome

D. Bethlehem

3. Joseph was a –

A. Fisherman

B. Carpenter

C. Tax collector

D. We don't know

4. Why didn’t Joseph and Mary stay at the inn?

A. They couldn’t afford to

B. There was no room

C. They didn’t have a reservation

D. None of the above

5. To get to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph traveled by –

A. Colt

B. Mary rode a donkey and Joseph walked

C. Caravan

D. We don’t know

6. After his birth, Jesus was placed in a –

A. Manger

B. Basket

C. Crib

D. Bed

7. A manger is –

A. Wooden table

B. Feeding trough

C. Stable

D. Small bed

8. What animals were in the barn when Jesus was born?

A. Cows, donkeys, and sheep

B. Sheep, goats, and cows

C. Horses, cows, and donkeys

D. The Bible doesn’t say

9. From which direction did the three kings that visited Jesus come?

A. The west

B. The east

C. The Orient

D. None of the above

10. The shepherds were told by the angels to look for which sign?

A. A star over Bethlehem

B. A tree with a star on top

C. A babe in a manger

D. None of the above

11. The words of the angels were –

A. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

B. Joy to the World, the Lord is Come

C. King of Kings, and Lord of Lords

D. Glory to God in the highest

12. The three gifts given to Jesus were –

A. Gold and silver

B. Gold, jewels, and silver

C. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh

D. None of the above

14. How many wise men came to see Jesus?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. The Bible doesn’t say

16. The wise men met Jesus in –

A. A manger

B. A stable

C. A house

D. The Bible doesn’t say

17. Joseph and Mary were told to go to Bethlehem by –

A. Herod

B. An angel

C. Caesar Augustus

D. The Bible doesn’t say

18. The infant Jesus was taken to Egypt to –

A. Because Joseph was told in a dream to take him there

B. To meet the pharaoh

C. To go to school

D. The Bible doesn’t say

19. The Bible says the little drummer boy met Jesus –

A. In a house

B. While Jesus was still in the manger

C. In Nazareth

D. None of the above

20. In which gospels do we find the stories of the birth of Jesus

A. Matthew

B. Mark

C. Luke

D. John

21. Immanuel means –

A. Good news

B. Jesus

C. God with us

D. None of the above

22. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th because the Bible tells us to –



23. The wise men followed the star all the way to Bethlehem



24. Jesus was given his name by his mother.



25. Herod was happy to hear of the birth of Jesus.




robatrhema said...

Question 16: The Bible clearly says that Joseph and Mary left for Egypt immediately after the wise mens' visited them in Bethlehem and stayed there until Herod's death. It also says that they presented Jesus at the temple after Mary's 40 days of purification and then went back to Nazareth. So the argument of "Staying longer because of the recovery from childbirth, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus most likely had a longer stay in Bethlehem than the rest of their relatives" doesn't really work

robatrhema said...

Sorry, that's a bit unclear. By Mosaic law they had to wait 40 days before Mary could go anywhere. They then presented Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem paying the poor man's gift of a couple of turtle doves. they then went back to Nazareth (speculation: to show mum and dad their new grandson). Sometime later they were back living in Bethlehem (speculation: because of the stigma from the residents of Nazareth) when the wise men visited.