Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Roseanne Barr On Larry King Live

To Larry King,

I happened to catch a few minutes of your interview with Roseanne Barr last night (November 14, 2006). As you cut away to a commercial a clip was played of one of Roseanne’s performances, which I found quite appalling. Roseanne was railing at President George W. Bush, chanting over and over that she hates the president.

You have every right to invite any guest you choose to appear on your show. Likewise, your guests are more than welcome to freely share their opinions; they have a right to their opinions and I would not want to see anyone denied that freedom. From now on, though, I will exercise my right not to watch your program.

I am not a fan of President Bush. I disagree with many of his policies. I believe his monetary policies have led to disastrously high budget deficits that will plague us for generations to come. The war in Iraq may be the worst foreign policy disaster of my lifetime with no positive outcome in sight. I view the recent election of a Democratic majority to the Senate and House of Representatives as a hopeful sign that the American public has grown tired of the current administration’s failed policies and governance.

Having said this, I must register my objection to someone using such a strong word as hate and my conviction that a certain level of hypocrisy is at work here. If a conservative were to use such language as hate about a political opponent, they would be excoriated and accused of hate-mongering. Would you allow the use of such a word to go unanswered if it were uttered by a conservative Republican or a religious conservative? I would hope not, just as Roseanne’s comments should not go unanswered.

This only serves to play into the hands of those who believe that conservatives are treated unfairly by the mainstream media and that news organizations such as CNN have a liberal bias. Every time I hear Bill O’Reilly complain about a liberal bias in the news I scoff, but you have now given credence to his claim, and for that you should be ashamed. I am sorry to give up viewing your program, but I choose not to view anything that contributes to the further polarization and coarsening of America.

David P. Charlton
New Castle, Kentucky

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